Photo: Toni Lugarov

Photo: Toni Lugarov

Matija Purgar


I'm Matija, a 23 year old concert and portrait photographer from Croatia. I have loved taking photographs ever since I was a little kid and that passion never really went away and once I started high school I really wanted to do that more seriously.

As you can tell from my work here on this site, I mostly do Concerts and Portraiture.

Music has always been a big part of my life and I can play several instruments. I started doing music when I was seven years old and have been doing it consistently over the years and so once I started taking photographs, I wanted to capture artists doing music because I know what music means to me and I want to capture those moments and show them to everybody else the way I see them.

Portrait photography is also really special to me because when I press that shutter button, I freeze a moment in time and it is forever captured. Every emotion and detail is preserved and I find that it's a great way to tell a story because in those images, a person can truly show you who they are.